Only Making Money From a Few Users? Monetize More of Your Users with Rewarded Video

Introducing Rewarded Video from Adscend Media:


Numerous studies, including the recent IDC/App Annie study, show that most apps only monetize a small percentage of their users.
Thus, if your app is like most, you probably are missing out on a ton of revenue.

Rewarded Video Can Monetize Your Non-Paying Users

Rewarded Video uses high-quality app trailers and popular apps to help monetize your users who aren’t making in-app purchases.

How it Works:

Users seeking your premium in-app items will view a short app trailer, featuring an option to download the app. Users can then choose to download the app, or simply continue on to earn your in-app items. For every app downloaded, you’ll earn up to $4!

Why You Will Earn More:

Monetize More of Your Users: Rewarded Video lets you reach the typical 98% of users who don’t make in-app purchases, allowing users to earn your in-app items without spending money.

Videos Increase Retention: App trailers increase user engagement by giving users a fun and easy way to earn your in-app items, allowing you to earn more while they spend more time in your app.

Apps That Convert: Rewarded Video uses big-name apps to help increase conversions, including StubHub, Candy Crush, and Pepsi.

Integration in Seconds: Easily integrate Rewarded Video today via a lightweight SDK.

Ready to Earn More from Your App?

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