Online Kids Racing Fun [Review Exchange]

we have just release our game
Online Kids Racing Fun.

It is a free fun multiplayer racing game for kids from 2 to 6, where they can race over the hills, peaks and ramps around the sandbox driving map with their friends doing frontflip, backflip and other stunts.

Other kids racing games get boring for your kids because of hard levels or controls?

This is what you were looking for! It is a fun racing game for kids, where they can do any stunt and race with friends. Frontflips, backflips or even barrel rolls. Just connect to multiplayer network and play this racing game with your friends! It is like kids driving simulator.

The track is designed so that racing kids will do as many stunt as they can. Your kids will love it!


  • Multiplayer stunt driving game for kids!
  • 10 fun cars to choose from!
  • Huge track to do stunt racing!
  • Toon stylized car graphics!
  • Safe chat for kids to chat!
  • Simple racing game mechanic!
  • Fun kids physics simulator!

Here is link:

Please install, rate, and leave it for some time on your device, I will do the same.

Here is my review JumblyApps


I’ve rated your game with 5* and reviewed as “York-B. Burkh…” in german. Also gave you G+.
You did a great job! The game has really nice graphic, but I am not the player who like runner games.

So please also rate my game:

Hey, I have rated your game as Tomas Riban.

Looking for more reviews. I will play your game for 10 minutes and watch some ads.