Does anyone use oneAudience?
They collect user data and you earn money without showing ads.
They claim they have Google as partner.

I am using them but planning to remove them soon.
Honestly I am not sure which data they collect and if it’s required to show an opt-in dialogue with the new Google Play policy.
I asked OneAudience directly and they said it’s not needed… but not sure I trust them on this.

Why do you plan to remove them?
How much money are you earning with them?

Anyone else use company that collects user data and gets paid for it?
How do you deal with privacy?
Any other way to earn money with your game/app without showing more ads or IAP?

I plan to remove them because it’s not clear which Data they collect and also it’s not clear (to my limited understanding at least) which specific Data collection requires an Opt-In dialogue (in Google Play policies)

They are scammer. They havent been making my payment for over 45 days. I cant contact with finance team, they dont answer at all.

Shame on you !!!