One time fee - for all your games

Some time ago I came across a site from a developer that sells a package of games.

Users pay once $0.99 and get 1 apk with 30 games.

Every new game he develops is added to this package (apk) and the user gets all upgrades for free.

Do you think this is a good strategy?

It depends of the quality of the games… I don’t think it is a good pricing strategy, he could be charging way more than $0.99

You can only charge what the market is willed to pay for it :slight_smile:

In the end, users may keep this installed because they get new games with updates - which may be good for ranking purposes.

But the thing is this: Once someone comes up with such an idea, and it seems to work pretty good, the whole world will start to copy it and flood the market with clones xD

I have read in many of your comments your concern about clones xD , any traumatic experience or story? (before Flappy Bird clone mania)

That’s what I’m wondering.

People can copy the idea but up to there we are all copying the idea of both selling games or offer games for free with in-app ads / in-app purchase :slight_smile:

And to clone one game or another is easy but to clone 30+ games is another thing.

Does anyone knows how to package more than one game in the same apk file?

@BaksaiApps haha - actually this trauma is caused by the current flappy bird mania :slight_smile: It’s just ridicolous to read about a new flappy bird clone 5x a day :slight_smile:

But don’t get me wrong, I am completely fine with making a game out of another idea - this is not cloning, this is getting inspired. What is/was going on with Flappy Bird is just stupid, all those guys believed they now are going to be millionaires by just copying a game, and most of this copies are such badly made … picking up a game idea and making it better or modify it to your own flavor → pretty nice, go for it :slight_smile: but riding the train of a current buzz just because you believe you can … naaaa.

You can pack as much activities in an apk as you like, you just ned a starter-activity (with some selector) and there you go :slight_smile:

Thank you.