One Google Play account with multiple Admob Account?


I have one Google Play developer account and I use ads from one admob account.
Now I also want to use ads from my friend’s admob account.

So, some of my apps will display ads from my admob and some other apps will display ads from my friend’s admob account.
I will not use ads from both admob accounts in one app, each apps will contain ads from only one admob.

Is it possible or it is violating any policy?

Please help.

Don’t trust google. I don’t think it violates policy but If your app or account suspended then your friend may have trouble. If you have a gplay/admob account keep it isolated as much as you can. Again Don’t trust google.

If it doesn’t violates any policy, then what will be the real problem if I do this? I don’t have any app that will create any sort of problem, my apps are quite clean.

I am doing this with my publisher, it is not violating google policy.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: