On August 31, 2014, legacy AdMob will no longer be available. what it means?

Dear all,

Currently i use the old admob, but I just got the information on the top,

On August 31, 2014, legacy AdMob will no longer be available. All legacy ad serving will stop soon.

do you know what is mean? and how we solve this? we need to upgrade to new admob or what?

Thank and good luck

This mean that we need to upgrade to new admob to continue using Admob ads before August 31. Google defines legacy admob is old admob.

If I upgrade to the new interface… will the apps with old code continue working before the deadline…or will the apps will also have to be updated simultaneously.?

Thank you, and we need to change the skd in our application or not when we upgrade to new admob?

yes its confusing. If ad serving to old admob sdk 6.x.x is going to be stopped, we all may see a dip in the revenue. Also what if we are using the ad id’s as generated by old admob and not new admob (new admob generates id in the format ca-pub…)

are there any clarifications on this?

Previously they said they had “no plans” to stop serving ads to old admob sdk 6.x.x, but that has now changed. This means all users who refuse to update apps would be using ad-free apps. Developers would experience a significant drop in revenue. They’ve gone back on their words. This is bad. We must all use the google play services library and the ad unit with format ca-pub***. They shouldn’t stop serving ads to legacy admob sdks. Check the sources below for more :



Google Ads Developer Blog: Legacy AdMob Sunset and Legacy SDK Deprecation Reminder

Google Play Will Stop Accepting Apps with Legacy AdMob on August 1

Oh! I had just updated the SDK to library project but not ad id’s. Time for bulk update of apps now. Thanks for sharing that first link.

Just came here to ask the same thing - haha

This is all bad news, because it means a lot of work depending on how many apps you actually have - and they dropped payout to paypal. I used this to stay in USD and now will be forced to do a conversion twice, because I mainly buy services in USD (and staying USD has some big taxing benefits also)… this is total money wasting. Do they offer anything similar in new admo, so I do not have to convert to EUR? Would be nice to get an answer on that.

Will have new admob sdk any dependencies - someone mentioned google play services? So we depend on gplay market? There are loads of devices without market … so I wonder.

while i’m thinking to update app with new play services sdk after some time, for the time being can i use new admob ad-id ( ca app pub xx…) for the imported app with legacy admob sdk ?..just noticed that all imported apps have new auto-generated ids ( some ca app pub xx…)

When reading the help docs for the new admob version, they clearly state, that there is NO UPDATE of your apps required.

No updates required: You don’t need to update your app when you upgrade.


but funny, in the post-update checklist, they say you have to update


My apps have:

“Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-xxxx
Legacy Publisher ID: xxxx”

Which probably means the legacy publisher ID will stop working. :frowning:
That will cut my revenue because in most of my old app I don’t use any mediation. And people often just don’t update to new versions.

I think you’re confusing the new AdMob service with the new Google Play Services-based Android SDK. I upgraded from the old AdMob to the new several months ago and I did not have to make any changes to my app then.

I will of course need to make changes to my app in order to switch to the new SDK.

They are saying that ads will be stopped serving for legacy admob after 31st August.

what does that mean then?

If it involves new ad units+new SDK, definitely it needs update for all the Apps to display ads. Hence all apps need to be updated.

correct me if i am wrong.

I think we all should update to play services for admob as well ad unit id’s rather than making guesses about google. We know how google is!!

Have you looked into opening a USD account? Depends on the amounts and legalities in the Canaries, but I know it is possible in the UK. I think Santander provide one.

They told us this would happen back in like march or before (can’t remember). I’ve already updated all my apps, except 1 Unity game, to the new sdk months ago.

new sdk with new ad unit id’s?

ON some other side, I’ve read, that with 1st of August they will stop delivering ads to legacy admob … so it’s a bit confusing. They turn it off completely.

I’ve just migrated one of my apps to the new admob … which needs the google play sdk … they say you have to check yourself in your app for the availibility of it hmm … this is annoying somehow with devices without having gplay installed. I am thinking of other stores, like amazon?

Today i migrate to new admob interface. It uses adwords and adsense for billing and payment. I’m from bulgaria, and the problem is that i want to receive money via wire transfer directly into my bank account. but there is no such option. only 2 options i have are standart check and western union quick cash. the problem that i don’t have wire option is that i accidentally set my billing currency to BGN (bulgarian lev). but have friends with EURO set on that option and they have wire transfer option. now i read on the net that i can’t revert that option. when once the billing currency is set, it cannot be changed. i want to ask you is there a way to change that. or some way to cancel adsense account and create new one, and then set the EURO option for currency. i want to make my earnings come in my bank account. is there something i can do?
i’m sorry for my english… :slight_smile:

@yo_asakura you have to cancel your account and create a new one. according to google docs:


Just migrated my second app to new admob … also built some interstitials in … there should be data in admob, but it is displaying zero impressions. didn’t they say realtime data? Or is it A MUST to include the analytics sdk …?

edit: my error … I ALWAYS forget, that this adsens stuff does per default display data WITHOUT today :slight_smile: