Old Airpush SDK push stop working?

Update: My app have pushed again, don’t know why.

I will open ticket in Airpush Dashboard, but i open thread here for asking other dev.

Today i have check some of my app use old SDK and they DID NOT GENERATE ANY PUSH ADS.

Are you face this? If this is true so all user not update the app will stop making money for us.

I think it’s the bad with dev and Airpush.

Update log cat:
AirpushSDK: Error occured while delivering Banner push. push_icon. Please check you have added airpush_notify.xml to layout folder. An image push_icon.png is also required in drawbale folder.

Still works. Even the previous SDK without Eula still works.
They don’t do anything, that would make less earn for company(Airpush), we have capitalism … Do not be afraid; D

Dude, i think you just did a mistake. Cause airpush_notify.xml is only necessary with SDK6.0 as banner is too. But if you want to fix logcat, just add the airpush_notify as he came on new sdk… But if you are sure about NOT added the new sdk i will see if in my logcat the same error appear, cause i didnt implement new SDK yet. (But my apps still generaye pushes).

In my app still has old airpush_notify.xml, it’s strange, may be server send new ads format for the old SDK.

Maybe… if you check on site Airpush.com, the old apps generate by himselfs the banner ads, so is possible that what you say is occuring… try disable banner ads for this app and check if the error persist…

My app have pushed again, don’t know why.

Pushes still working with my app on 5.0