Old Admob Payment not Received

I am From india , Still old admob payment not received in Paypal

same with me indonesia old admob paypal not received yet

Same here from India, No payment to Wire. I switched to wire from paypal before upgrading to new admob. So its my first wire, don know when they will pay.

Same here.no payment to wire for Legacy Admob

I got it an hour back. All old admob revenue cleared now.

Still not received paypal.

Same here from Vietnam, No payment to Wire.

no payment yet, old admob, paypal.

Received thro wire in india (icici bank). But very low exchange rate 59.31. What about yours?

I too received payment today through wire. This is my first wire to Citibank India, after all charge deductions it comes down to 59.49 per dollar, which is way better than Paypal’s exchange rate. I should have opted for wire all these days. Paypal guys ate so much of my money.
I think this rate is Rs. 0.35 to Rs. 0.50 more than what Paypal pays. :slight_smile:

payment recieved on paypal

Anyone received july payments from NEW-ADMOB?

Usually it comes by 24rd of every month via wire transfer.


Yes I received my payment this morning

I did not receive it till now :frowning:

anyone left out?

Any one received email regarding payment of legacy admob account? Usually got around first Wednesday of the month still no this month…

Yes I have received on 2-Sep.

Hi everybody,

I updated to new admob on august 10th, then there is some money left in my old admob account for august.
Today I got email regarding payment of legacy admob, but it’s for July 2014 only, not include money of august.

How about you? when will I receive the money of august for old admob account? or this is a google’s mistake and I need to ask them?


for August wait in October

Anyone received old admob payment processing mail in india

I got it yesterday around 8 AM.