Offercast Mobile SDK V 1.5.1 Released!

Hi Developers!

Over the course of our Beta, we’ve gotten many requests to offer standard banner ads in addition to our App Wall, Exit Wall and Search Homepage ads.

We’re happy to let you know that the latest release of the Offercast™ Mobile SDK (V 1.5.1) now includes a 320x50 banner ad unit. Banner ads are a great way to monetize your game or app especially if you don’t have any natural breaks, such as a level completion, where an App Wall may work well. They also work well as a complement to the other ad units we offer.

Banner ads drive to app downloads; payment is a rev share on a pay-per-install basis. Generally speaking, banner CTRs range from 1% to 4%, with an average of 2% and CTIs range from 1% to 4%, with an average 1.3%.

We still have space in our Beta, so please check us out if you haven’t already.