Oceanise - colorful challenge

Oceanise - colorful challenge is very addictive puzzle game with beautiful, clean user interface.


Here is the link to Google Play:

YouTube link:

device-2016-10-25-173130.jpg device-2016-10-25-173423.jpg device-2016-10-25-173507.jpg device-2016-10-25-173319.jpg

[li]Game is infinite (if you are a good player)[/li][li]Challenge your friends with Google Play Games[/li][li]Unlock all achievements. Can you get 20.000 points?[/li][li]Localization to 25+ languages. Your language is not supported? You can help me translate :-)[/li][/ul]

Upcoming features:
[li]Translate game into more languages[/li][li]Support Android TV[/li][li]Night mode[/li][li]Better support of social networks[/li][li]… any ideas? Please share with me[/li][/ul]

[li]Choose one of six colors to flood the entire board[/li][li]You start from top left corner[/li][li]Initially you have 30 moves to complete the first level (in each next level the number of moves is decreased)[/li][li]Any moves which are left at the end of each level are added as extra moves, so try to save as much as possible[/li][li]Game is over when you have no moves and the board is not complete[/li][/ul]

Please download game, test and comment. Any idea you come up with will be considered.