number of active users to number of downloads ?

Hey guys, i’ve posted before that my downloads during the 30 days i was in the top free new list was about 10k downloads each day, well right now my app is in the top free general list its number 16, and its number 1 in the top free for the category, my downloads now is falling each day, today i got only 3.5k downloads but i still have 17k active user, i would love if you guys shared with me what is your current number of downloads and number of active users, why im asking this because im expecting that my downloads will be falling and falling, i’m just not sure how can a developer make money then ? does the active users will continue to be good or it will also fall ? and is the only way to make money from the app is just the 30 days after you launch ? please share with me your numbers to have a better over view :slight_smile:

One of my best apps climbed consistently over the first 30 days and earned itself a top spot in it’s category. It was a lot of work and gives real value for the user, which is largely why I believe it’s remained there.
2.5k-3.5k downloads a day ever since it’s launch last year.

Most of my apps have followed a similar pattern.

If your app is worth using 2nd, 3rd time, active users will stay and continue adding up slowly depending on your downloads of course.

If you fall out of the charts after 30 days there are a few things you could do:

  1. Make a new app and ask old users to download it
  2. Drop $$$ on advertising your current app

As far as active/download ratio goes. The closer you are to 50% the better for non-game.

It also depends wildly on your category and your app description/keywords.

But it all comes down to money, if you are making comfortable revenue, downloads shouldn’t matter, if you want more revenue, you need more downloads :slight_smile:

well my revenue now i think its fair enough, im making about 40-60 dollars each day, but im worried that this would go down, my downloads i decreasing so bad, but the active users is decreasing slightly, its decreasing about 200-300 users each day, but what im worried about is that the downloads will reach the starting point again and eventually my active users will decrease and my revenue also, but you guys comments made me somehow comfortable, i see a good rate of returning users, but what i mean is if the app for example was stable at 2k downloads each day, will the active users also fall so bad ? or what are you guys experience about this ?

thanks for sharing this, can you please tell me how is your active users and revenue going ? is it going good, bad ? since you are getting 2.5k downloads each day is your active users per day 2.5k also or is it more than this ?

It’s still going well. About 5.5k DAU and revenue figures are strong.

can i ask you what was you active users when your downloads was high ? and also does your users come from tier 1 counties (USA, Europe…ect) ? and also what ad types do you use to make your revenue? push notification, banners, smart walls ? i currently have about 17k active users and all of them are from the middle east, im making about $40-60 with admob banners and interstitial.

i don’t understand why you still use admob they are really suck specially in middle east, if you use air push banners with mobile core offerwall you will get at least 100$ a day (if your active users update to the new version)

you read my thought, i have actually transferred some of my apps to airpush banners last night :wink: