Notifymob AD network review don't be fooled by friendly networks SCAM !!

Impression fraud to the max.

I mean no offence, but its hard to take your post seriously when you are saying they owed you $5 plus extra?

In what way have they cut you off?

I was bombarded by these guys which put me off. Overly friendly and very pushy with their run of the mill SDK that offered nothing more than a risky chance at what I already get with other networks.

Dash dash dash

I get a payment from notifymob looks pretty good


seems to be no problem with notifymob

notifymob seems to have so many problems

What sort of problems are you experiencing? From what we know, you have not yet tried using our services. Please advise. PM or Skype me so that we can discuss any help that we may give to resolve your concerns.

$8+ eCPM? That’s good!!! Im getting around $3-5 with them… which is nice, but its not $8. :stuck_out_tongue: What ad units are you using? 3rd party?

I have no problems. What did I say is refering to the thread. This thread seems to show notifymob have so many problems.

Ah. I see. Of course. This is an old thread. Only person on here that says something uncertain about us is @javaexp, but he has since used our service and does make money from our services. I’m sure he would tell you that we are 100% legitimate now that he has used our platform. We really work closely with our partners to try and improve our network and services. We care about the developers and want to be the network of choice. We are always open to constructive criticism and open to suggestions for a better experience all around. :slight_smile:

That being said, NOTIFY has some guarantees going on right now, so there is no way to lose with us. We mitigate risk for new developers who plan to bring real traffic to our network. If anyone that wants to try us, we can guarantee you earnings if your app(s) qualify. Hit me up for details. :slight_smile:

Happy Developing!

Ya those earlier comments are not valid anymore. I deleted it. Notify mob was new so they sent so many messages for self promotion. Nothing like spam my these days


until this week notifymob no problem


People with 1 or 2 posts saying they got fat pockets from notifymob , we dont believe you.