NOTIFY Referral Program & Updates

Devs and Friends,

If you haven’t seen this already, then have a look now. NOTIFY has released it’s referral program and it can be quite lucrative. Moreover, wanted to let you know that Daily Earnings estimates have been released as well. There has been a lot of requests for that, so we’ve worked hard with our advertisers to deliver that to you. Check out your dashboard for the referral link and earnings estimates. We still pay weekly with some of the lowest thresholds in the industry! :slight_smile:

You can see the details on the the program here. NOTIFY

Tons of new advertisers (some exclusive to NOTIFY) are on the platform and looking to boost your revenues. Let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Developing! P.S. WAY more to come before the end of the year! Keep an eye out. :slight_smile:

All the Best,

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Congrats to all the Devs that have been using their referral link and the new features in the dashboard! Excited to see how you well you do through the holiday season. Yeah for Black Friday!!!

Keep up the good work!



You are excited to see how well we are doing… but we are way less excited during last 2 months by the extraordinary drop of revenue for all. People with $300 per week dropped to $35 per week for no apparent reason in a single week. I dropped from $10-14 to $0.35, my brother from 18-20 to 0.80 in a single week with several new live wallpapers uploaded.

I tried my best to stay in your platform by continuing adding new live wallpapers with notify ads but now I am at the <0.08 area per week. So I do not bother anymore. Even more because I have nagged you with asking for notify integration in an app (which should produce a good revenue for me with the OLD notify standards) and it is 2 months and still nothing, even though you were supposed to “let your team know” twice. I am not interested anymore.

Honestly, a referral program and the addition of daily updates, at least for me, will not compensate for the huge drop of performance.

Why do I bother typing here? Simply because I had faith in your network and it saddens me to see this kind of performance.

Agreed that Notifymob is getting worst.

Soo fake they claim to have new developers but the website traffic stats for thier website is less. I was thier biggest supporter but now it would take a look to have faith in them.

looks like notify is dead, my revenue drop from $24/week to $0.87/week

Hey Guys,

This forum is a bit tricky. :slight_smile: For any network, you will see complaints and disappointment, even the well-known networks that get praise. We all aim to do our best and perform at the highest level for our developer partners. The fact of the matter is that not ever network is for everyone. One must set up tests and try out networks to see which performs best for their app portfolio.

Let’s be honest with ourselves about a few things that can affect one’s earnings capabilities. It’s so important to compare apples to apples when analyzing one’s app portfolio. One of the most fundamental aspects of a portfolio is that you have to have users to earn money. Users = $$$. A Lot of you continue to focus on your apps and hence cultivate them to drive installs higher. I highly recommend this type of behavior. Those developers that focus on this aspect, continue to drive earnings higher for themselves using NOTIFY. A few of you made great money while you had users, but unfortunately have neglected to maintain a higher user base on your apps. That can hurt earnings. We need to be realistic with our expectations for each user’s value and lifespan. For example, If users/installs decline, then earnings will most likely follow. It is not probably that a few hundred users per week will generate $20/week in revenue.

There are plenty of developers making solid money with NOTIFY and have significantly increased installs and thus earnings. Those two things are always connected. I cannot stress that enough. When comparing one week to another within the same network, there are many factors to consider…

Please be sure to analyze number of installs, impressions, seasonal offers or promotions, etc. The same should be considered when comparing networks. If you have had a revenue drop, then please contact us so that we can help you understand what is happening with your app portfolio. We have strong payouts and different levels of aggressive or passive ad serving. Depending on the type of apps you create, and the user experience you wish to have, we have different levels of ad serving. Some of you wish to send enormous amounts of non-GP ad units to your users while others do not wish to be so aggressive. Please contact me or send us an email so that we can ensure that you’re integrated properly and that you have your settings set to the desired ad serving level. If you have wished to be more aggressive but have only been serving in a passive way, then that could have a MAJOR impact on earnings. So we’d love to fix an issue like that for you. Thank you. NOTIFY is very much alive and well. There are some GREAT advertisers that have stepped in for the end of the year with big budgets. Allow us to help you take advantage of those wonderful opportunities. If you need a one on one consultation about how to improve your earnings then please do not hesitate to ask.

Cheers and Happy Developing!!! We wish you the best of luck with or without using the NOTIFY SDK!