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[Notification] Dangerous products

Hi, every one. Sometimes I getting notification from Google for new app or after 1-3 days days later, like this:

REASON FOR REJECTION:Violation of the dangerous products provision of the Content Policy and sections 4.3 and 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement.

There is only ads SDK in my apps: Mobilecore, rarely StartApp+MobileCore. All SDKs are new and have lasr version.
All apps have text infromation content, like recipes.

What’s wrong with my apps? Have anyone problem, like mine? :mad:

MobileCoredoesn’t have notification not sure about startApp

I know it. I’ve worked with mobilecore more than 1 year and have more than 1k$ per day with it, but since March/April I’ve started getting letter’s like this=(

It might be the fault from Google side

Just republish it and it will be fine;)

Several times with different apps? I don’t think so(

have mobileCore in all my apps as back fill, never had a problem

I’d recommend you to contact your AM at MC. If this happen because of them, they’ll surely help you out.

I’ve contacted them, but they can’t to say anything about this problem=(

Mc is safe! I used in all of my apps.

we having a contest to see who can get the biggest banner ads in their signature, boy that thing is huge…

using mobilecore from 2 years .Never had any issue with them but their eCpm sucks these days ( 0.11$ yesterday)