Not using EULA

Hey everyone,

I have a little question… Let’s say I don’t care about the known markets and I want to skip every possible EULA and install directly the SDK’s(startapp, airpush, senddroid, leadbolt, etc)… If I do so, will I have problems with these ad networks if they notice it? Or it was exclusively made to comply with google’s policy?

It’s the second part. None of the ad networks had anything until the policy came out. They would prefer no EULA or “auto” opt in so they can make sure everyone is targeted for ads.

Hey there Ryan,

The EULA, is as cLin mentioned, a necessity forced by Google in order to comply with their new policy.
However I want to ensure you that adding the EULA doesn’t affect your downloads dramatically and end users appreciate it much more.

Thanks for your replies guys!

My question originated from the fact that not every ad network tells you openly how to skip the EULA or even speaks of the possibility… so in some cases it may require some workarounds.

I agree with Startapp about the effect on the downloads, but from my experience, most users don’t really appreciate it since they don’t even read the EULA (or the app description!). At the end, users who complain about notifications, icons or bookmarks, will still complain about it regardless if I display an EULA or not. so… for non-google play applications it would be basically useless.

However, the aspect that led me to open this thread is the not monetized users, which in my case are around 30%…and the possibility of reducing this number (at least outside the market)

Hi startapp,

Do you count an installation outside Google Play?


In my Airpush (only AppWall & DialogAd) app I wanted to replace english long EULA with main - shorter and polish.
I used this code to disable orginal eula:

 SharedPreferences pr=getSharedPreferences("firstTime", 0);
pr.edit().putBoolean("showDialog", false).commit();

It is legal according to Airpush and Google Play terms?

Sorry for my English


Kov - Of course, we count all installs from any store you place you app on.