[Not Free]PLS Help My First App Translation[From Japan]

Hi, I’m writing in Japan.

Other day I released an android application for the first time.
I’m glad you to help me translating into English from Japanese, because I’m not very good at English…


Please tell me if you find strange sentences.

If you are interested, please try to install(only 1.0 US$).

with best regards


I write my app’s information here.

[summary(max 80 letters)]
Shortcuts created by this app free you from cumbersome works when writing Email.

If you always send Emails to the same person, Fixed form mail, Periodic reporting, this application frees you from cumbersome work when writing the Email with a slight cost.

Select a Email application to be used, addresses, CC, BCC, subject line, and body text, then make a shortcut.

Tap the shortcut, and open an Email Application you selected(or select when tapping) with information you selected or input.

Shortcut’s icons are these of applications you selected. If not selected, these are this application’s one.