Normal Invalid traffic ratio??? (Admob)


I’ve been with AdMob for awhile now. It’s okay, but one con is that they never explain anything.

I make about 3000$ a month and this month I had over 200$ of Invalid traffic. 240,90$ to be exact. I have no idea why it is this high. Normally it’s around 1$-4$, but this is almost 6%!!

What is the best way to prevent this?


Sorry for my bad English

I usually get 1% of invalid traffic (so in your case would be about 30$)
I think if you once in a while happen to get higher invalid traffic is simply Google failing to receive payment from the advertiser. And they decide to let you cover the loss…

I usually get 60-70$ invalid traffic…but for the last five months I had about 400-500$ invalid traffic and I checked all of my apps individually and find that an app which is made for kids getting huge clicks for banner ads…so I removed that ad unit and my invalid traffic comes to normal…

I have over 10 apps. How do I find out which one is causing trouble. And if I keep it this way, will I get banned?

Go to monetize tab and filter each ad unit for higher CTR…

How much you are making these days
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