[NON-ROOT][4.3+][TEXTURE DESIGN][NORTH AMERICA] PhoMen - "Pho" family security

Hey guys, let’s try something different.

There is always a huge problem. When you or your families face great danger, especially violence or sexual assault, what will you do to get help? Call 911? Wouldn’t have enough time. Shout loudly for help? Might anger the assailant. Escape? It would be worse if you failed.

In order to resolve this problem, we have developed PhoMen, a more efficient and effective SOS tool than 911.

If you already have PhoMen installed, situation would be much better. You can notify your families of your position and situation immediately once you are able to touch your phone, even if it is in your pocket or bag and no need to take it out.

Key features

  • Tapping the power button in a quick succession for more than 4 seconds can trigger the emergency mode. Which is not easy to accidentally trigger at the normal time.

  • Once you trigger the emergency mode, the app will turn on the WLAN, the mobile data, even the GPS (some device support) of your phone to speed up locating in case they were shut down by some reasons.

  • Once your phone is located, your PhoMen will receive a text with url of your location in google maps – and not only that, also with pictures of camera view and sound recordings from your phone (currently in Beta version, coming soon).

There are two editions of PhoMen app. The Standard Edition is not free, but we will offer you guys up to 100 promo codes if you are intersting.

The Standard Edition users can choose their family members to be their PhoMen (Emergency Contacts) in the app. And all the PhoMen are be free to use the Family Edition, which function is the same as the Standard Edition.

And yes, the Family Edition users can also choose their family members to be their PhoMen. This is for families. Enjoy.

Promo codes (20 codes come first, also you can reply down here or send private message to us to get the code.)


Use your promo code

  • Open the Google Play Store app Play Store.
  • Tap Menu Menuand thenRedeem.
  • Enter your code.
  • Tap Redeem.

Note: Because of carrier restrictions, only support the phone number from USA and Canada (+1).

Google Play

PhoMen Standard Edition

PhoMen Family Edition

v1.0.4 update:

  • Changed to a more beautiful app icon.
  • Supported to Android 4.0+
  • Reduced size.