Newbie ( Which network for interstitial) ?

Hello everyone! which is a decent adnetwork that has good interstitial ads? I don’t want to use admob’s interstitial as i’ve been reading how low the eCPM is, so which one should I go with?mobileCore?Chartboost?


StartApp is best for all regions.

go with mobilecore, appnext or mobvista :slight_smile: all have good CPM !


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I prefer Startapp: StartApp - Developer Register ← with this referral link you will get 15$ bonus extra!

I would personally recommend mobileCore, StartApp and AppNext as all three have great interstitial ads and a solid team behind the network.

Admob’s rates shouldn’t be low though. July was the worst month for Admob this year for most people, but in general Admob is very competitive.

wow, thanks a lot for the replies. So i am going with startApp, will try the other networks in future apps :slight_smile: