New ultimate method for banners opened again! Limited!

Cap 4/4 over

Cap 4/4 over

Fully compliant with Google Play ?

I do recommend :slight_smile:

lol I bet that it is sth like “click ad to get super extra coins blablabla”. I bought some methods from ramzixp and it wasn’t worth it…

// On first screenshot you have more impressions than requests… Just AP error… But maybe you will put here any CTR screenshot? You show us big numbers, because you have popular app, but it is not the same as high CTR…

Hey @ramzixp I know you don’t want discussion, but I have one small question. You are saying CTR is 80-90%, but the eCPM in your graphic is really low.
The money is being made by the impressions there. Could you clear that up?

I will now share some methods (which I have not implemented yet) - but which might be similar to what ramxzip suggesting or whatever …

(NOTE: I haven’t done this because while I’ve done interstitial code - I have not bothered (yet) to do Admob banner ads via code (only XML etc.))

  • synchronize banner ad change to user presses on screen - so if they tap something the banner winds up changing as if in response to that action - this might spark a sense of “curiosity” in user (like “whaaat”). NOTE: I don’t mean changing banner ad on every click - but just show a new one after some time if it coincides with a user action on screen etc.
  • before changing banner ad - show a blank ad for a second - this will create a blinking effect when banner ads change (however this is something which would have been examined by Admob etc. for improving user responsiveness to ads - and I am guessing they would have established that it detracts from the app etc. - however for some apps it might have some value) - although this is along the lines of showing banner ads which flash and attract attention to themselves - it MAY be too irritating for users)

If someone tries these methods - please let me know. This is not exactly a direct competitive advantage/disadvantage so sharing with a few people probably won’t affect your revenue.

So this method won’t work with admob - too high CTR = ban. Other networks are so stupid that believe CTR 80-90% ??

Nope :wink: but thx for share, ill try it ;D

STOP SPAM, IF you have question, skype me … - i hate people who are grumbling without any reason… :expressionless:

Let me know if any of these help.

Nice idea. Will try it in next month:) I believe that it is more valuable that paid ramzi’s method…:wink:

Please let me know how it goes.

let me peep here. Already done what adforandroid has mentioned. My advice - don’t do this update of banners on press of buttons. I mean do it but not with admob :smiley: Better do it with some other network which never gives attention to number of requests per minute. Don’t want to mention networks which can be tried with this method but for the wise boys, hint is enough :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Note that in my original post (above) I did not suggest that you do it every time user clicks - but to SYNCHRONIZE it to that. So if it is nearing time for banner to be changed - you do it exactly at the time the user clicks on a button etc. This would ensure the user was viewing the screen etc. - so MIGHT give better performance (?)

If the “average” rate of banner ad fetches remain about the same this is something that SHOULD NOT be apparent to the ad networks. Instead of requesting a new banner ad every so many seconds, you are now doing it at that many seconds PLUS some more seconds - so banner ad fetch could even be RARER than before and yet give better results.

that’s kind of difficult to implement. I mean you need to keep track of the time when was the banner loaded last time etc. Moreover its not possible with banners where only xml code is provided and no API like its not possible with startapp banners

This sounds like a bunch of bull shit. 80% CTR = BAN

[b]CAP 4/4 OVER

david close thread, if any have question, pm me, buyers have skype[/b]

Why not let buyers leave feedback here?
If the method works and was worth it, surely that will help put skepticism and doubt at rest for next time you have a method to sell?

ok :wink: u have right but rest stop spam and talking bullshit :wink: