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So that’s the reason. Your ranking stats were deleted. Even the ratings and comments?

nope, the ratings and comments are still there…and apparently i am in similar position for various keywords (at least according to appannie), but definitely it cannot be a coincidence that this started the same day i had that problem with the update

Did your competitors had better app quality and more content than your apps? Such as faster loading time, smaller apk size and so on. I am not sure whether this is cause but I am researching the reason for my apps drop in ranking also.

review my app i will reviews your … :slight_smile:

Can someone ban this guy?

the problem is that everything started right after my problem with uploading the new version…for the past 3 months everything was going decently well…then i had this problem and, magically, all of a sudden, no one saw my app anymore and downloads and video views dropped instantly to 20% of the previous values…it can’t be a coincidence…

I tried to contact the support to see if they can tell me anything, but i doubt i will get anything from that…i think i simply self-killed my app :frowning:

Honestly…i don’t even know if there are competitors…i don’t know similar games :smiley:

Well apparently that happens. You get a surge of downloads for a while then it settles. Then that is it for the lifetime of the app. Or until it dies a natural death. Actually 3 months is long in my opinion.

Of course who wouldn’t want their app to rise forever. But that’s just the way it is unfortunately. I’m guessing you just had a coincidence.

So First 3 months works well for an app? Is it better to focus marketing in first 3 months then?

In Google Play, you have 30 days to rise to the charts. If you’ve made a good steady downloads per day, you can actually exceed 30 days like @dariobrun has achieved there. Unfortunately, eventually it will still die down. Despite a steady download. I don’t know what Google does maybe to give way for new apps. And when you’re out of the top 500 by then, if without any marketing at all, will drop down to zero or a couple of downloads per day. And that’s it for the life of the app.