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New to Ads. AdMob giving eCPM $0.07 approx & 150% fill rate?


My first post and I am very new to online advertising. Been reading tons of posts but hoping to get some advice on my app. Just enabled AdMob medation in our Andorid and iOS apps and after two weeks of watching the numbers, I am concerned about the low eCPM of our andorid app. Hoping to get some insights from you. I also noticed our fill rates is around 150% so its a bit odd.

AdMob Report:

~ 20k impressions a day from admob (total impressions around 50k on the mediation stack)
~ RPM $0.07 (went to $0.03)
~ Ads refresh every 45 seconds (setting in Mediation)
~ CTR %0.45

The iOS stats are much better with at an RPM of $0.3 and almost identical impressions, CTR etc.

Any guidance on how to get the eCPM higher on AdMob? I am considering ditching them all together.

Our app has about 50K downloads:

IN the Mediation report:
I also noticed that our fill rate is 150% , there are more impressions shown than requests. Anyone know what that is about?

Thank you very much!

Hi @djskimo, welcome!

150% fill rate? We only reach %99.5 at appnext :smiley:

Any way, I’m sure you’ll get many replies from developers and other networks, but can you please share the type of ads you are using (Interstitials? Banners?). Also, what countries are your users coming from?
Answering these 2 questions will help better determine how good (or how bad) is the level of revenues you are making.


That fill-rate obviously isn’t right. Are you using or

As well as @jonathan’s questions, is this an app or game? And also where are you placing the ads?


I am using . This is a game in landscape mode with the banner across the top. Only banners no interstitials. The banners are on top throughout the entire app (but its a single banner instance). The app is a card game with an average game time of about 20 minutes.

As far as countries, its almost a 50/50 mix between west (USA/Canada) and Middle East. The USA RPM is about 0.23 and the rest of world is in the 0.03 range.


RPM $0.07 is shit. You need to play with the position, timing and refresh rate of banners.

@javaexp is right on the ball there!

For USA/Canada you should be seeing the best RPMs in the industry, pretty much.

Experiment with placement, hide and re-show the ads when they are more likely to be seen.
I’m guessing your users are pretty enthralled in the game and they just aren’t paying attention to the ads.

I would highly recommend trying out interstitials. Just try showing one once the sessions is over, or between a round once per session.

You should be able to get the RPM up much higher, in the region of $0.30-$1.00 as an estimate. Hard to say without knowing the game properly.

Hey @djskimo, with 20 minutes on average within the game, you need Pollfish ( :). Pollfish can be used along with the banner ads and deliver to you $0.3 for each completed survey through your app! Long session apps have very good conversion with Pollfish platform.

I also have a couple of identical apps for iOS and android. Right now I have about the same result as you where admob on ios outperforms admob on android, I’d also guess there is something wrong with your mediation service due to the 150% fill-rate, fixing that will probably give you some better results.

Thanks for the suggestion! I am a bit skeptical about survey based monetization, I feel users are more inclined to download an app to try than to fill out a survey!! Just my guess. Maybe it would make sense at a much higher “CPS”. Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion I will do check them out and maybe prove myself wrong :slight_smile:

Hey @djskimo! Well you will only find out if you try it :slight_smile: We run a MMWA survey asking thousands of app users what they would prefer in terms of ads Answering a survey and Downloading an app made it to the top!