New target SDK ?

Hello everyone, i have been away for a while from android development, however i want to update me apps, i seem to have a problem when targeting any thing above 16, will the play store accept target 16 now or is it against the policy ? Thanks guys

We target 20 right now. You can target any api, actually you should target the highest your app supports.

What will happen if you target api 16 is that higher apis (17+) will run your app in “Compatibility Mode

Thanks for your reply, i know i can target it to whatever, but i mean will play store accept it or is it against policies ?

It will accept it. No problem on that

If you target last version, you have access to the last API and all improvements.

In the other way, you will have to deal with older API (above your minSDKVersion) with code check, @TargetAPI annotations …