New SDK that changes the world of App developers by Widdit

Hi Guys,

The holidays are over and it’s time to start 2015.

We would like to invite you over to our BASE SDK beta.

BASE SDK delivers targeted messages to the black screen (off screen) of the device, allowing developers to increase engagement and retention levels while monetizing apps.


• Send app notifications to deliver higher CTR, improve your engagement and increase retention levels among dormant users.
• Send sponsored stories by top tier content providers targeted perfectly to your users’ interests.
• Send app recommendations from top publishers to deliver a unique experience.


• Demographic data – age, gender and geographic location. Design it yourself to deliver the best experience to your users.
• Context – Be the context emperor and create a set of rules to decide when your users get their messages – when they arrived home or when they just work up.
With BASE SDK, the sky is the limit!


BASE’s unique UI allows it to send notifications to the black screen (off screen) of the device. In a screen that is black 80% of the day, your messages get maximum exposure, breaking free from the cluttered, generic notifications tray. Put your messages under the spotlights, and override what everybody else has got to say.


Relevant content at the right time
• Study your user’s behavior and send your campaigns with detailed analytics
• Segment your users based on age, sex, location and more
• Retain dormant users
• Google compliant

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