New Nexus phone in 3...2..1..

Dec 2010 - Nexus S
Nov 2011 - Galaxy Nexus
Nov 2012 - Nexus 4

July 2012 - Nexus 7
July 2013 - New Nexus 7

As you can see: Google likes to release devices every 11-12 months.

And right now, they have a special on discounting the existing Nexus 4 stock… was $299, now $199. This is typical when one wants to clear out the old stock before the new model arrives!

wow, 199… thats cheap!

regarding the new release, yeah, and Amazon should release soon their new kindle fire also (probably full HD), as they’re giving away their stock to developers and lowered recently their price by $50 (but it seems they raised back)… and Apple should release their iPhone 5S and/or the low-cost iPhone… many new releases on the next 2 months :slight_smile:

I personally am waiting for a smaller Note phone (there was rumour about slower, cheaper Note) because since buying Note 10.1 I can’t live without a stylus. :slight_smile:

I could not resist at that price, the 16GB version is coming to me! :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m pretty dissapointed with nexus 4. Battery life sucks and screen (colors, visible digitizer) isn’t so good.

Latest Phone Nexus 5.0 is ready to be released in Oct 2013 with mid range price.
It will be available to release in around 31st October.

It seems it’s out:

“Exciting! Nexus 5 is here! It’s now available on +Google Play in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Korea (and coming soon to India):

$350 -

16GB version is out of stock…

32GB version still has stock… for the next few hours, I guess :slight_smile:

The 32GB Nexus 5 is $399 in the US, and $449 in Australia. That’s a $50 markup for the Australian market. Not as bad as some devices, but it would be nice if the pricing could reflect our near-parity exchange rate for once.

Overall it looks like a solid device though. Looking forward to seeing the hands-on reviews.

In India:
16GB: Rs 29000
32 GB: Rs 33000

1USD = approx Rs 61.50

On e-commerce websites, I think it would be up for less than this.

I am waiting for Nexus 5 I will go for 16GB.

Got my N5 in the mail yesterday. Already rooted :slight_smile:

don’t know if i’m too bothered with this, still happy with my nexus 4 and i was never one to get the latest-and-greatest just for the sake of it. if i was buying a new android, i would 100% NEED an SD card slot and removable battery.

doesn’t matter anyway as the big G don’t sell them to Irish customers even though UK order are fulfilled from Dublin!

meh… I got it because the screen rez is xxhdpi … and my N4 is xhpdi. I am not even using it as my personal device. But it is nice to do dev on :slight_smile:

lol. xxhdpi! I didn’t even realize such an animal existed! Most of my images are still in /drawable-hdpi.

That would make a fun new thread, what’s everyone’s primary development device and primary everyday carryaround device?

Mine are:
Primary dev phone: HTC EVO LTE
Primary dev tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Primary everyday personal device: LG G2

Meh… maybe I got it wrong… but it is at least 1 rez higher than the N4.