New Monetization tool

Hi guys,

We are a new company, providing residential IP proxies.

Right now, all of our IP’s come from our free VPN and we are looking to distribute our Android SDK in order to add as much mobile IP’s as possible.

We’ll be very lucrative and at the same time we’ll do anything to be clean and transparent with you and with your end user.

Before starting the SDK distribution, I’d be very glad to be in touch with some of you to better understand your needs, your concerns and to build together a win-win monetization tool.

Please send me a privet message if you are interested in sharing some thoughts and insights.


The Ninja:)

you can have visit to alphagravel as well for same above topic.

Alphagravel Mobile Advertising SDK is the easiest way to monetize Android app. This concept offer you Android app for free and display adverts in the app to generate revenue. When a user clicks on the ad you will earn money.”
I hope this will be helpful to you.