New monetization option for Android apps. Do we make it right?

Hi Folks

We are going to release a new monetization option for Android Apps. During development of this option we thought that the following benefits are going to be exptremely important for developers:

  1. You can use the new monetization feature as additional source of income
  2. If you don’t like to show advertising in your apps, you can get rid of it
  3. Since there is no need to show ads in your app, this monetization option can be used in paid apps

The basic idea is to use devices with the respective mobile apps for web crawling, which is sort of data mining. The data is going to be mined for marketing agencies and insurance companies so the revenue is quite competitive to the revenue you can get using ads. Estimated monthly revenue according to our alpha test results is about 1000 USD, if the app has 1000 DAU.

We would like to know how many developers are interested in this monetization feature generally. Does it work for everyone or is this rather a niche product?

I am interested please send me a message for info.

Hi DroidGenie

Sure. We are going to run a final test phase very soon. I’ll send a PM to keep you updated on this as soon as I can share more info.