New Market: Iran

There’s a new announcement saying Iran is available on GP (for free apps), but I can’t enable it there (it has a strikethrough and cant be clicked).

Was anyone successful on this? Do I need to do something special?

Remember it’s only for free aps… :wink:

My apps are free… Well, they do have IAP tho, but that cant be the case, since IAP should be optional (any user can block IAP and still they can download my apps).

Did you manage to enable distribution in Iran for your apps?

It only works for free without IAP apps…

I bet “A Flock Of Seagulls” app would do amazing in IRAN… get it “I ran”… Sorry the devil made me do it. :slight_smile:



A Flock of Seagulls rocks, it’s 4 songs away in my current playlist (not I ran, tho, but space age love song)

Btw, is it possible to release a version without IAP for those markets without actually duplicating the app with a different package name (which could possibly even be against GP rules)?

Regarding my question, does anyone know if its acceptable (on Google Play rules) to release the same game with a diff package name but without IAP, so I can release the game on those countries?

I think that it’s like making free/paid app. Google explicitly states that theming is not allowed, it’s not theming it is app with another features strictly.If you really really want to publish and If I was you I’d publish it and write in first line that it is version for ppl with not supported countires to make things clear that you don’t spam store. I tried to search for your question via google but there is nothing. Google support sucks and you cannot ask them so your only way to know what is valid is testing or wait for someone’s else advice (but I don’t think that here was someone with this problem, most ppl just doesn’t care for that, even top apps with IAPs don’t make 2 versions).
PLEASE REMEMBER that it is only advice I didn’t publish app this way.

I released a no-IAP version, and after a full day of downloads on those countries I’ve had a total of… 1 download.

So it was a waste of time for me :slight_smile:

Maybe I was unlucky and my app isnt popular on those countries.

Android now has RTL (Right-to-left) text support for Persian which would be very important for any release in Iran. So not only translation is important but implementing RTL as well.

I’m don’t think the existence of a translation on Google Play makes any difference at all to app ranking, but if the title and description is in Persian this clearly helps from the users perspective.