New Google Play Policy!


So there was a policy update, a week ago. Now, i am stuck at one point like my app uses microphone for recording stuff but the stuff remains on user’s phone.

Do i need to add a privacy policy inside the app to justify the new policy? As i have already added the privacy policy on the store listing page.

Any help would be appreciated.


Anyone who can help?

whats the updated policy contains…is it about user data or something…You are using storage to write the data so you should include policy in your app and your app listing in playstore…

I am using microphone for recording stuff also i have a photo editor app which uses camera permission, so i would need to include the privacy policy inside the app too, right?

Can you guide me the location like where to place it? Is it mandatory to place it on app launch or we can place it inside some menu or settings?

You should include policy url when using sensitive permissions …

You can use it in a menu button or about app section…etc

Thank you so much man. I thought it was mandatory to be showed on app launch like the below guy did.

If you collect user data (like installed apps) you should have a disclosure with a clear prompt to the user prior collecting those data. In addition it’s suggested that you also include an in-app privacy policy along with the privacy policy you submit on Google Play Console