[NEW][GAME]Poker Slots! - Rate Exchange

Hello All,

This is my first android game. It’s a hybrid of video poker and a slot machine. 7 hands of poker are played each round. Leader-board included to compete against friends.

Please rate my app and g+. Post a link to yours and I will do the same. Thanks!!

Google Play | Poker Slots - Real Cards | Download

Hey, it looks pretty cool, what languages had you used to write this game? I will try it as soon as I can and I will be sure to rate this 5 stars to bump you game. I really enjoy playing slots, it calms me down. For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing slots on different sites and manage to keep my winnings good. Not so long ago I started searching for some article to bump my winnings, and I found this one bobcasino.com. It looks pretty promising, so I will be playing this one for a while

C# it should be, it’s not that hard to code such a simple game