[New Game]Chicken Run(free)

Chicken Run
Chicken run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurous run game with awesome gameplay. Our chicken is starving in this farm with cruel farmer, help the little chicken to run and collect all its eggs from the farm without being caught by the cruel farmer. Just click the screen to make our chicken to jump all obstacles. This farm chicken run is the best adventure game for this season. It has the best fun run game with good graphics and music.

  1. Tap the screen to make chicken run.
  2. Collect all the eggs from the farm without being caught by farmer.
  3. Run and finish all the levels.
  4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.
  5. Have two worlds each of having 12 challenging levels
    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stem.chicken.run

Hello Steampunk,

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Looking forward to hear back from you.