[New] [Game] Catch the Bugs Alive!

‘Catch the Bugs Alive’


‘Catch the Bugs Alive’ is the best addicting and entertaining game available on Google Play.
Get ready to catch a bunch of colorful and magical bugs before they buzz away.

Use your finger to tap on the screen to trigger a magical ring and catch them alive.

‘Catch the Bugs Alive’

How to Play:

  • Simply put a ring on it to catch it alive.
  • Jugde the speed & direction of the moving bugs ahead before you trigger a ring
  • Unlock all bugs in the game. Each bug is unique in it’s speed and behavior.
  • Complete all levels a) regular levels b) levels with time constraint and also c) ring constraint.
  • Do not catch the ants.

Game Features:

  • A dozen of bugs to unlock. Each bug with a unique speed and behaviour. (normal, borderCrosser, hyperActive, timeBreaker and innocent)
  • 40 levels with high score leaderboard to challenge friends and others.
  • Amazing visuals & immersive CD quality audio
  • Intense bug catching casual game play fit for subway time

Challenge Your Reflexes

  • This game guarantee that it improves your agility, reflexes and dexterity.