New Course $10 COUPON: Making Easy Game Apps: NO CODING!

Hi Everyone,

500 students enrolled in under 6 hours! I had a great response to the promotion for my new course that I have just released on Udemy, and a lot of people were asking me if it is still available. So I am going to offer another promotion… For the next 24 hours you can get the course for ONLY $10.00.

How I Earn $2500 A Month Making Easy Game Apps: NO CODING!

Coupon Code: GAMEMAKER10
Available until: Sept. 6th, 12:59am


PS: I would like some feedback as I have gotten some great help on this forum, even just reading the posts. I have found a great drag and drop app software that no one seems to know about and this is how we started our app business. It is a great game to make as it is super easy and you can test the theme you want, and then make a BIG game if the app does well.

If you have any feed back about the course, that would be great:)


Can you show us some proof you make $2,500 a month from your apps?


I am working on that right now. I will let you know when it is posted.


Don’t you know that publishing apps using app creating tools is against google play policy?