New app - SMSLO, location sharing

Hi all,

Please take a look at our new app, SMSLO. It’s a location sharing app and while there are loads of these floating around ours really is one of the most complete and convenient.

Share your (or anything else’s) location with anyone in the world - totally platform independent.

Locations are shared as tiny web links that can be decoded by anyone online, or offline with SMSLO installed (e.g. if received by SMS).

Web links can include time stamps set to the current time or any other time you choose.

Integrated into Android via context menu and geo/text intents.

Manage and edit locations.

Built in compass navigation mode.

Location code scrambling, night mode, search Google Places, nearby places, map mode, address lookup, etc.

Hope you like it!

Feedback and downloads welcome (it’s currently very hard to find on the Play Store - we shall be doing some optimisations to the listing soon).