New app no where to be found when searching?

We released a new app last week and its still no where to be found if you search for it unless you search by quotes or go to my dev profile. I’ve heard other people run into this but I thought it was because they had new accounts. My account is aged with over 12 apps and the app in question is completely free and does not contain any shady SDKS. Anyone run into this?

It seems to be happening almost at random now. I’ve had the issue for varying amounts of time with a couple of new releases. The only thing I can suggest is to wait or unpublish for a day and then re-publish(I haven’t done that though so it might not make a difference).

Thanks. Going to try to rename, upload new version, or unpublish and republish. Will keep you updated.

I have this problem with a widget. It started at number 6 then fell to 20, Its now randomly changing from between 40 and nowhere on a daily basis.
For a search company, the google play store is dreadful and finding apps.

the play store is dreadful in searching your own apps … mainly because it was not made for that :slight_smile:

google search algo’s are some sophisticated stuff (which also changes frequently) … most likely your app will get a score for every distinct user based on their search behaviour - at least this how websearch works, so I am pretty sure they use something similar for their app store. Obviously this is not the exact way it works, but you may aver encountered that behaviour in websearch.

I also had this issue with not finding my own games when searching for them, who know, maybe it is by purpose.

Yea, same here. My app doesnt show in the normal search.

Well, that’s really annoying thing about the apps in the PlayStore as never application go unseen, make sure that you have put the proper description. Anyway I’ll say why don’t you try promoting your application over the forums that allows showcasing there are just a number of them available that allows showcasing of your free application like
and yes not to mention this forum also allows showcasing of your application, I would say rather than concentrating on the traffic from PlayStore try to get referral traffic an eventually your application will become visible.

meh uploaded a new version didnt work. going to get some fake reviews/ratings to see if that will bump it before i change title

Well, you can do that too but I don’t think getting just 50-60 reviews or download is going to bump you to the visibility I would say that can only be done only with the help of promotional activities only.

quick update. it now appears at #39. all i did was upload a new version and get some reviews/ratings.