New Android Developer...

Hi all,
I’m new on this forum and I want to thank you all for sharing your experiences in making money with android.
I’m a C# Developer and I’m start to build a simple game using libgdx (Thanks Mario for this amazing framework).
I’d like to include into my game Ads but I’m very scared about taxes. I’m from Italy and after few searches on the web about this topic, I know you must have VAT Number to do that. In Italy having VAT Number is very costly and very time consuming to follow all the laws. I don’t want to get into that mess!
Actually it’s just an hobby and I don’t expect big revenue but maybe get some money to buy a better phone and continue have fun with Android.
Do you know if there is an alternative that doesn’t required VAT Number?
I was thinking about donate. I saw some app on google play that have donate version. Is that a real donate or you always must have VAT Number and pay taxes on that?


You don’t need a VAT Number to use ad networks - admob and all the others are from the USA (as far as I know) - they don’t care for your tax as long as you are no US Citizen. You are solely responsible for your taxes.

In most european countries you don’t need to collect VAT as long as you have very small income.

So to pay your own taxes -> it’s up to you to do it, admob (or others) don’t care. (Tax field is optional)
VAT -> you CAN enter it in case you need to collect it but that depends on the law of your country

@“” is right. In Australia for example, you don’t have to worry about business-related tax if it’s just a hobby. It’s just categorized as personal income, and taxed the same as your regular day job.

Since AdMob and others are mostly based in the US, they have nothing to do with your tax directly. Just comply with whatever the local laws are for income tax in your country. Most likely, you’ll just need to tell them how much you earned, convert it to your local currency if necessary, and you’ll submit that as part of your regular income come tax time.

Hi guys,
thank you for the answers! :slight_smile:
I’ll ask to my accountant about it.


Unfortunately Europe is a little bit more complicated than the rest of the world xD

Admob will not report your income to your state - BUT if your state is asking for it (because they hate you and check your taxes) it is possible in some way … but should be very rare, especially when you have a regular income in your home country noone should care.

(that info is not guaranteed whatsoever, you need to declare your income for sure, but admob does not care)

It really depends on your country law. The best way is to consult some accountant that knows things like that. Admob is outside UE so VAT shouldn’t be an issue but you need to pay income tax or sth like that almost certainly. In my country it’s also almost imposibble without having a company (which I fortunately had already before I started experimenting with Android and Admob).

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In my country it’s also almost impossible without having a company