New Admob Payment System

I have a problem. I have been using the old admob, but recently after updating to the new one i realised they do not support wire payment. Initially I had my payment sent to my native country. Now am based in Russia, and it seems they only support some local payment system called Rapida where i cannot receive in US Dollars and the process involved is complicated. My question is can i have my admob payments sent to my native country’s bank account as before and just have address to be where I am located now? I tried contacting Admob but they are not replying. Posting on their forums didn’t help.

Check if your adsense account allows it…

Why? Do i need an adsense account to receive funds? I have never had one before and always received payments.

“Complete your information.
Existing AdSense users: Your AdSense account information will be used, and you’ll automatically move on to the next step.
No existing AdSense account: Enter the required fields to create an AdSense account.”