New Admob Payment date?

New admob Payment processing and amount transferring date?

For me, particular month’s earnings get finalized in 1st week of following month. Around 22nd they start wire transfer and in 2-4 business days amount get credited to bank account.

What about legacy admob payment? I haven’t received any processing email yet.

Still not received processing email yet…

Any one received new admob payment processing email in india

See above post by mdr.

For August, payment processing will start ~ 21-23th Sept. At that time, you may or may not be notified via email. Just check “payments” tab.
You should get finalized earnings by 5th. With new admob, you are being paid within 25th of next month.

last two months i received my payments around 22th, but why i didn’t received any emails? except that, everything is OK…

today i active my account by putting pin code , when will i receive my first payment??

Any one received new admob payment processing email still i didn’t get any mail regarding payment