New Admob - "Optimize admob network" in mediation options - what is that??

In ad unit medation setting, there is such checkbox. It says:

"Optimize AdMob Network

We will dynamically position the AdMob Network automatically for you.

Note: You will not be able to use the AdMob eCPM Floor Beta when you enable this feature"

Anyone know what is that? I’m only using admob, should i enable it?


Looks like it’s only useable for medations:

Someone from Admob actually e-mailed me about these, he didn’t really explain what they did, this is an exact quote from the e-mail “ANO is a feature that allows AdMob to dynamically compete with your other ad networks listed in the mediation chain.”

I tried it on a few of my apps that have 100,000+ impressions a day and before I was getting about 97% fill rate, with ANO on, I get 100%. So must be good I guess. Using it on all my apps now and revenue has increased about 20% in the last 3 days. So give it a try and report back.

But you’re using medation and other networks or admob only?