New AdMob - no PayPal !

How do you feel about this ?

What will you do?

The only payment option left for me is check. Have no experience with checks, how does that work ? You have to go to the bank every month to deposit the check I guess and the delivery can last to 5 weeks according to Google!

I am very close to replace admob with another ad network.

So my questions would be:

  1. Someone who has experience with checks, please post
  2. Please suggest which ad provider to use for banners instead of admob


You can always consult peoples on our (domestic) forums about exact steps, just look for ‘internetzarada’ via some search engine. That was said. Receiving checks are very complicated procedure it takes few weeks to be delivered and and after that bank starts ‘checkout’ procedure, it takes few weeks more also you need to fulfill some crap statement about - ‘Who send you money?’, ‘Why?’ etc. When they send you money it takes around two months before your money find way to your pocket.
Also as I know developers from Balkan can not use ‘New Admob’.

try airpush banners, they are not bad

But they said airpush didn’t pay developer on time? I am thinking to switch to other alternative ads also.

Paypal was doing fine, but it takes 10-15 days to withdraw ur money, I read about the new “Form of payment” and I think adding “Western Union” as a payment option is a great replacement to Paypal.

Please explain it to me If understood something wrong.

Here in the U.K I was only given “Bank transfer” as an option. No charges and net30, so I am much happier than before.

We have only one option for now. Use the old admob.

What do you think to write a petition to introduce wire transfer or western union payment for admob publisher.

Unfortunately our third European countries are discriminated against in terms of payment options with new admob.