New Admob Interstitial

Anyone had any experience with it yet? RPM? I am implementing it to my app today.


For me it didnt change much after migrating to the new AdMob. Maybe dropped the RPM a bit, but might be regular revenue fluctuation, so Id guess it’s the same as the Old AdMob.

Interstitial revenue depends a lot on how often you show, but for me it’s being around $1.50-2.00 RPM. Back when I used to show a lot less Interstitials per session, the RPM was much higher ($3-5).

Oh I didn’t know the old one also had interstitial… thanks

Would you please help me about how to integrate interstitial ?

Did you read the docs? What have you tried? Any specific error?

AdMob should be pretty easy to integrate, especially interstitials (which dont need to mess with your layout, as banners do).

public class BannerExample extends Activity implements AdListener {

this is making problem.

If you just use callbacks then you don’t even need to use AdListener.
It shouldn’t be “making problem” anyway. What exactly is the error message your seeing?

Hello, thank you for your reply.

As far as i know, i should add public class to my Activity file. (

But my code has already a public class and i cannot use 2 public classes in the same

So how can I move further ?


I’m not sure what you’re saying exactly. Here’s how I do it:


public class App extends Activity {

	private InterstitialAd interstitial;
	protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
		interstitial = new InterstitialAd(this, "APP ID GOES HERE");
		AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest();
	public void showWall() {;

Obviously I’ve omitted a bunch of other bits, but that’s all you should need to put in for interstitials.
I have my own listener which has a public void showWall method. I just call that to show the ad.

Note that you need different instances of the interstitial if you want to call them more than once.
Hope that helps!

I did it, thank you so much my man, you are the man !

I think now interstitial ads are appearing only when user clicks back button. Any way to better monetize without bothering ?


I’m also using the admob interstitials now for the first time.

First days showed quite good results imho:

90% Fill rate
10% Click rate
Finally ~ 3€ / 1000 requests

Will now integrate them also into my other apps

Still going strong for me too! Only real downside is that you have to have multiple instances of the interstitials if you’re showing them more than once. Not a big deal, but a bit messy really.

i started to use that interstitial ads 3 days ago and i see increase in the revenue but i don’t see any details about it in the new admob
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am i missing something?

You can filter by the Ad unit.
Click the Montetise tab, at the top left select the Everything button and choose Select Ad Units.

Still the same

You need to create a separate ad unit for the insterstitial. Then it’s possible to do what A1ka1inE said.

Why do you have to put multiple instances? When you want to show it more than once then just use the variable to do do another right round of load and show.
Or am I miss understanding what u r saying?

yup @A1ka1inE, in java we can use the same reference variable and invoke methods on it to request another ad from server. This is basic Java stuff.

I tried just requesting another variable.loadAd after calling .show and it always throws an error. It will never just load another ad for the same declared variable when I’ve tried.
The only way I’ve gotten multiple interstitials to work in one session is by giving the same ad Id multiple seperate references like int1, int2 and subsequently the same thing with an AdRequest reference.

I had to do this as well.