New adMob from Play Services doesn't work on Amazon Kindle?

I have just noticed that adMob ads are no longer displaying on Amazon Kindle - and moPub informs me it is looking for adMobBanner instead of GooglePlayServicesBanner when running on Kindle… Everything works on other devices (that have Google Play installed).

Does Google not want to support Amazon Kindle anymore or something is wrong with my setup?
Any solution apart from assuming that Amazon Ads will cover the lack of adMob ads for that devices? :expressionless:

Does that also mean the ads won’t show on devices that use only SlideMe or on Nokia X?

PS. It might explain why I have MMedia revenue still despite setting it to lowest priority posibble on moPub - if adMob doesn’t show up they have to fill in.

EDIT: Solved.

The Google Play services library supports even devices that don’t have the Google Play store. To update such devices, download and bundle the latest Google Play services SDK; then relaunch your apps to propagate updates to your users. Devices that do have the Google Play store are automatically updated to the latest version.

The Google Play services library does support publisher IDs from the legacy AdMob console, and is compatible with existing mediation adapters.

You can see here : AdMob  |  Google for Developers
Kindle in the list of support format

Thanks. I will investigate. Would be a shame to show no ads on Kindle Fire…

Maybe I should add some library for Google Services Kindle Fire is lacking? My app has google play servises jar, I thought it would suffice.

edit: it was not it, still working on finding a solution…

edit2: updating mopub to newest version solved this. Thread might be deleted.