New admob eawrning mismatch with payment

I upgraded my admob on 10th May, 2014.

Yesterday I got mail from my old admob for payment of that 10 days of May.

Now in new admob in home page I can see my earnings of 20 days of May, but in Account Settings -> Payment -> Transaction History I can see only earnings of June month. In May month it is showing 0. So did I get that earnings of that 20 days of May from new admob.

Anyone having same issue ?

Same issue here. My earnings from May 8 is not visible in transaction history. But I can see that in Monetise -> All time page. I am totally confused. Please reply if you have any updates on this.

I was able to find it. Log into adsense account and go to Payments screen. You can click on the Previous Payments button in that screen to see your payments for May. It shows that they have issued payment of June 25th but I am yet to receive check.