New Ad Network High eCPMs - Unlockable

Hey Devs!

I’m here today to introduce you guys to a new ad network to help monetize your apps. Before we dive any further, please be advised that we currently only serve video ads. That means no banner ads or interstitials (although we are exploring other options).

Who Are We

We are a new ad network that turns video ads into minigames. Users opt into our ad experience and play a set of minigames. We make sure our ads are engaging and fun for your users; we’re gamers too!

We’re a US company based out of NYC. If you’re in the area you are welcome to drop by our humble office and meet us in person!

We’re also 100% App Store and Google Play Store compliant. We hold extremely strict advertising standards here at Unlockable. We are 100% opt in.


We offer a very simple integration. No SDK needed, all you need to do is pop open a webview and make an API call to our servers. From there our Unlockable experience takes over. We’re also happy to offer any assistance during the integration process.
Check out the docs our hard working devs made:

Please make sure we set up a developer account for you before you start any integration testing!

Where you decide to integrate Unlockable is entirely up to you. We’re also happy to play through your app and offer our own suggestions for the best UX experience.

Common integrations points include:
[li]Unlocking Premium Content[/li][li]Restart/Save Lives[/li][li]Disable Banner Ads for [X] Time[/li][/ul]

It is possible to get an engineer to help walk you through the integration process. With an Unlockable engineer, integration can be as quick as one hour time. Please contact me if you wish to set this up.

The User Experience
Our user experience is 100% opt-in. What percentage of your users opt-in is entirely up to you.

Our ad experience is not skippable. This helps us sell our product to advertisers. We typically see a 80%-95% completion rate. We even have some hardcore users who play our ad experience over and over and exhaust their playlist. Some users also replay the ad experience (and finish it).

A custom look. If you prefer, we skin our ad experience to look and feel like it’s a part of your app. Of course if you prefer, we have our own default skins.

Fill rate: We are 100% honest about our fill rate. Our fill rate has ranged from 90%-99% depending on a number of factors.
[li]What apps do you want to serve? We allow our Devs to choose what to advertise and what not to advertise. Of course this will affect fill rate and possibly eCPM.[/li][li]Your platform, iOS and Android offer different fill rate depending on the number of campaigns we have per platform. While this is an Android forum, we understand some Devs here have cross-platform apps.[/li][li]eCPM Optimization. Sometimes your users just won’t install a specific app. When our algorithms start detecting that, we will stop serving certain campaigns for that user. [/li][li]Optimal UX for your users. What we offer different from other ad networks, is a different ad experience for your users every time. What that means is every ad experience will be different (ie. they may watch the same video ad, but gameplay will be different). Of course if you have a power user who plays every game we have available, it will affect fill rate. [/li][/ul]
Our advice to Devs is to construct a waterfall advertising system. When one ad network stops giving inventory, switch to your next ad network (e.g. We can make a callback to you telling you if a user no longer has inventory and you can serve another ad experience to that user in lieu of us).

The Money Side
With all of our publishers, we offer a revenue share model. We believe that creates a true partnership, your success is tied to ours. We’re just coming out of beta release and we’ve seen eCPMs ranging from $4-$12. The potential upside is also huge as we also sell our product to brand advertisers, eCPM rates can jump up 20x. We’re always dedicated to constantly optimizing monetization for our partners so you’re not ‘just another dev’ to us.

Our typically payment terms are Net 30 in compliance with our advertisers. We may offer weekly payments in the future if that becomes a popular subject.

Who We’re Looking For
We’re looking for game publishers with a sizable (upwards of 5,000 DAU) english speaking audience. Our preferred regions are US, CA, UK, AU and some possible others. If this is you, throw a PM our way or you can reach out to us: [email protected]