New 3d game engine FREE BETA

Supercharge your development!
AexolGL is almost here!

We are planning to show it to the world by the end of December 2014. Meanwhile we have decided to publish FREE source code of our WebGL based web engine.
Create stunning 3D projects in web browser and get known with AexolGL as with the end of the year we would publish a version which would allows to
create 3D games for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux with ONE CODE!

Check examples and download engine for free:
AexolGL engine

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.58.26.jpg

Szału nie ma. Dema są niedopracowane - wciśnięcie myszy na demie z samochodzikiem powoduje, że wszystko znika i widzę czarne tło.

Wygląda to na projekt wydmuszkę, tylko po to, żeby kasę z Unii wyprowadzić. Wiadomo, że w tym budżecie nie ma szans zrobić drugiego Unity.

Thanks for feedback - missing car must be matter of your web browser or graphic card.

You haven’t seen the main engine yet. The core is made C++ and you can code in C++ and Python for all major mobile and desktop platforms.
Web engine is FREE extra product from us which attract users to our website while the MAIN ENGINE its being developed. The web version is nothing new, its just handle couple things different/more efficient comparing to other engines. We managed to get help from EU, but this is not the key factor for project realisation (our company makes money on different IT fields).
If you try hard, someday, your idea might also get funded by EU, good luck.

Actually I think the way they grant money for projects is stupid, sick and unjustice.
You must have heard about $200k grant for the “cat website” project, haven’t you?

What’s the pricing for your final project?
What platforms will be supported? Why this info is not on the top of the FEATURES webpage? ;))

Good luck.

Cat website?! Sick, I haven’t heard about it. I would make a cat website too if I was aware its that easy :slight_smile:

The pricing will be announced by the end of December - it will be cheaper than Unity for sure :).
We are still working on the website, its updated daily. The final version would support iOS,Android,Mac,Linux,Windows and Web.
We hope to handle PS4 in the future.
Stay tuned!świat+kotów