NeverForget Reminder - A New Revolutionary Location Reminder

Hey guys,
We are a small team of android developers that had a cool idea of a reminder app which we have released to the market some time ago.

The app called ‘NeverForget Reminder’ and the idea is simple: A solution to forgetting stuff when you leave your home(or your current location). There are tons of situations when this app may be useful. A classic example is when you leave your home at the morning to your job, you surely need to take with you some stuff such as your bag, wallet, keys, etc… NeverForget’s Reminder purpose is to make sure you won’t forget any of it again. Another example is when you visit your friends house and you brought with you some stuff, when leaving it, the last thing you want is to forget that stuff at your friends home. NeverForget will remind you to take it when you leave that place.
One of our main goals was to make the app as simple as possible, so there is one main button. Click it to start the reminder. And when you will leave your current place, the app will start a loud alarm. There are additional options available such as setting the alarm name or taking a photo of the stuff you need to take.

After thinking of this idea, we have searched a lot and could not find any solutions to that common problem. After deeper search we understood why is that. There is NO way to determine device’s location inside a building, for these days. GPS does not working inside closed places, and that was our biggest issue that we successfully overcame with NeverForget.
Basically what we do is rely on WiFi networks around you. Then we make calculations to determine when you getting away from that network and when you do, a load alarm starts with a reminder. If no WiFi networks around you, GPS service is required.

The app is FREE to use and available at Google Play.
We would appreciate your feedback and hope you will try out our app - NeverForget Reminder.
For any questions you can send us an email to: [email protected]

Link to Google Play page: