Networks which provide mediation adapters with admob mediation?

I made a quick list of major networks to experiment with.
Here is the list. Though you can add more.

  1. Airpush 360 banner
  2. supersonic
  3. startapp
  4. appodeal (Admob mediation adapter present)
  5. mobilecore

I personally feel that above networks might be working differently for different developers based on Geo’s.
So we can not simply consider them good/bad blindly. Considering this i want to experiment with them with my own version of traffic and will publish the results soon.

My question is that i want to go for easy integration in the beginning and looking for admob mediation support.
But all of listed network do not provide admob mediation adapter and its pain in a** to try them individually and bug user with so many updates.

Could you let me know if above networks has support for admob mediation. I could figured out only for Appodeal.

After the results, i will choose major and backfill networks and will go for waterfall model.

i am using Startapp and mobilecore with admob mediation . I think appnext also have mediation adapter for admob

Yes, You are right.

StartApp,Mobilecore,Appodeal provides admob mediation adapters.

Supersonic and airpush are missing this feature i guess.

I started using Admob Mediation after so many days. Had tried in old admob earlier.

I have come across few questions below.

“AD Unit” itself is “Mediation ID” in new admob? It used to be different in old legacy admob.

Mediation panel is not showing Tick option for admob network. Though other mediation network has option to Tick/Untick.
Does it mean that we can not ignore/block admob in the mediation?
Setting some very high eCPM should do the trick.

I want to block the admob in admob mediation basically and want to use appodeal completely.

Any idea?

Hi gcc,

AdBuddiz provides AdMob mediation :slight_smile:

However, we are very focused on user friendliness and have made the integration of our own SDK as easy as possible. So to benefit the most from our machine learning algorithms, I recommend that you integrate our SDK.

You can check out the simple integration process by registering on our website, then navigating to the SDK tab (registering doesn’t tie you to anything).

You can also feel free to PM me or send me an email: [email protected] :slight_smile: