Networks ranking

I made this ranking to get honest network list in one place. Vote and review, no offtopic please.
My vote nr 1 is airpush, second mobilecore, third appnext.

If you have more networks, note it in review, there are maximum 10 options in poll, so I can’t make full list networks so used most popular brands here :wink:

There is only one choice option, choose your best, honest and favourite ad network.

If second thread is needed, please someone to create thread “Network Ranking 2” to avoid option limits but please use all possible choice options, do not create new ranking for 1 network :wink:

…also, please, official representatives, do not spam here with your advertising, this is user only thread

Review format:

Ad network name: xxx
Description: xxx
Ad formats: xxx
Payment methods: xxx, xxx, xxx
Payment time: xxx
Support: rate support
URL: no ref links please
Can be used in Google Play: yes/no

Ad network name: AirPush
Description: American ad network. Using it since December 2011 without any problem, always cash on time, if any delay, always informed. I think it’s one of the biggest ad networks in the industry.
Ad formats: intersitials, banners, 360ads, video ads, push notifications, icon ads. You can manualy enable or disable ad types
Payment methods: paypal, wire transfers, ACH
Payment time: weekly(every friday) and net45(temporary, they want to bring back net30)
Support: good support via skype, google talk, chat and email (ticket system), you can always talk with somebody from airpush, everybody have his own account manager to contact via skype or google talk
URL: airpush
Can be used in Google Play: yes for standard and bundle1 SDK, bundle2 sdk is reserved for 3d party markets

Interesting things: they are always sending gifts on Christmas :wink:

Ad network name: MobileCore
Description: Network from Israel, always stable payments and system behavior. Their SDK have sometimes problems with force close exceptions, solution is to put it outside UI thread. Network is a part of IronSource
Ad formats: intersitials, sticker, native ads and direct to market ads
Payment methods: paypal, wire transfers - remember to accept invoice in 72h to get paid in weekly payment cicle, you will find invoice on your email
Payment time: weekly ($200 needed)
Support: support is only email or skype if somebody have contact
Can be used in Google Play: yes, attention with direct to market ad unit, please remember to show your user alert dialog about redirect

Admob in tier 1 and Mobilecore in LATAM, thats my setup. Appnext on the backfill, never actually made a cent there.

I really like mobilecore payment system :smiley:

if this poll was a few months earlier i wud have voted for mobilecore
but appnext performing much better for me and i have voted appnext

*my main audience is india and appnext is having many campaigns for india at the moment

Ad network name: Appnext
Description: Israeli, very stable with eCPMs. Good payments, Easy-to-use dashboard (although I’ve seen better ones with graphs and more data).
Ad formats: interstitials, appwalls and native ads.
Payment methods: PayPal and wire transfer.
Payment time: weekly (over $2,500) or, for most of us here - Net 10.
Support: Best of the best. And I’m not only talking about @jonathan who’s representing them in this forum.
URL: appnext Mobile Advertising for App Developers and Advertisers
Can be used in Google Play: yes. They are 100% compliant.

Overall, I’ve seen networks that from time to time gave me better eCPMs. But that was only temporary. If you want someone for the long run, they are great. Their support always helps, and I feel I can trust them. That’s more important than anything, for me.

By the way - I’m still using other networks as well. Always use more than 1 network. Always!

This poll only shows how many accounts have reps from networks:D

Agree, I suggest to add other networks like Flurry, Heyzap, Inmobi, etc…