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First, I’d like to thank you for reading this post. I will try to shove all of my thoughts into as little space as possible. My name is Chasity and I am the girl behind Beyoutiful Designs( Android and digital customization). As of right now, Beyoutiful Designs has only Go SMS Pro themes on Google Play and distributes free wallpapers, Facebook and G+ covers, Twitter Headers, and things of that nature on a blog, Facebook page, G+ business page, Twitter, and Instagram. I began Beyoutiful Designs from a passion and with a dream. A young mother of five taking a leap of faith in making a career for her family out of a love for design. I am completely self educated and continue to seek more, learn more, and know more. I am far from where my dream lies.

Throughout this journey, so far, I have ran into a few difficulties. I struggle to find resources, make connections with others who share my passion, gain followers/likes or visitors to my site, as well as receiving downloads and ratings or reviews on Google Play.

As for my struggle to find resources, I am unsure of what I am found wrong in my search efforts. I should have a massive amount more than I do after all of the countless hours I have spent researching.

Although I am far from my best ability, I do know that my work is of good quality. I always put my all in my work and I place heart in every detail. And I genuinely care. The few ratings and responses I have gotten have been high. 4.75 being my lowest. I have reached out to the few I could find in my niche with little connection made. I’ve spent a great deal of time. I keep falling short.

This is another outreach attempt. I’m posting here today because I am seeking resources to further educate myself and better my work. ANY material is appreciated tremendously. I am not restricted to any one area of design. I came interested in information such as:

Design materials and elements

Selling wallpapers on Google Play or a blog

Go SMS themes

Go contact themes

Social media

UCCW Widgets

Free WordPress design
Custom fonts

Tips on making profiles/blogs pretty

Fb covers and design

Finding & building connections with other designers

G+ covers and design

Google Play discover ability


you are selling the app resources or you need some app software. may have a look on the