Need your help

Hi guy’s

I Need your help.
I’ve made facebook pages for my apps, but I Need 25 likes on my facebook page to get a good url.
You guy’s can help me out by liking my facebook page for Note l!st.


Done :slight_smile:

Now all I need is 24 more. :wink:


:slight_smile: 23 left!

Done. :slight_smile:

4 down 21 to go.

20 left!

Liked it for you, but why do you need that to get a good URL? I made a page for my game last week and it let me make the page with what I would call a “good” URL. Or do you mean something else?

i.e. mine is and I didn’t have to get any likes to name it that way.

No “pages” or long number like yours has.

Y’all can feel free to Like mine, too:

I like all your facebook pages :slight_smile:

Also done. While we are at it - this is mine: :slight_smile: Every like is appreciated.

I’ve made several pages. The first page I got to choose a username and got a url like yours. But the second one I got the message I need at least 25 fans to get a username and short url. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s to stop people from making a lot of pages and using up all the usernames.


Gave you a like in return. :slight_smile:

like returned.
just 17 left to go

Liked your page Martin, also liked Madhattter’s, Magnesus and ChrisJD’s pages. Mine is

You are probably correct, a form of spam protection I guess.

Gave you a like back in return :slight_smile: